Body tightening and contouring device using electric current

(Medium Frequency alternating Current)

• Mid-frequency helps to strengthen muscles and increase energy consumption to burn fat components in body.


• LEBODY also relieves muscle pain by massaging stiff muscles

quickly after intense workout.


• LEBODY is a medical product developed by experts.

The company owns multiple certifications and patents.





body fat


body waste




skin elasticity

- Made by Experts of Medical Product. Patent Applied.


No patch!

It does not need sticky and wired patches. Anybody can use it

on the area where they want.

No cable!

It is chargeable with micro pin with USB port.


The device is only 270g and easy to handle!

Ergonomic and pretty Design!

The small and adorable design makes you want to hold it for constant use.

Get free,

anywhere and anytime

Safe and Secure

LEBODY fit massage cream

for Elasticity & Body Slimming

Illuminance Sensor

It detects body contact and protects the skin.


Amperage compensation function

Lebody delivers safe and uniform amperage for patients regardless of their condition (Patent No. 10-1646092).


6 steps of Intensity & 2 different modes(Gym, Slim)

You can freely choose the intensity and mode according to your condition and preference.

Two modes


Gym mode

Exercise effect can be maximized after or during training

for those who work out regularly.

Slim mode

Intense body care by slim mode, more 3 dimensional muscle stimulation


• A better effect with the exclusive massage cream.

• Doubled effectiveness by patented ingredients.

   - Patent from SEPPIC, France.

   - Adipoless, botaniceutical plus-10, yerba mate extract, and aloe vera.


Product details

   LEBODY Form              Massage fit cream              Charging cradle                 Charging cable                  User manual

> Specifications

> How to use

> Where to use

Power input





Application Area

AC 100~240V~, 50/60Hz, 0.3A

95mm x125mm x74mm (Body)

270g (Excluding the charger)

Rose Gold, Purple Black


Abdomen, Back, Forearms, Thighs, Calves, Hip

1- Press the Power button at the top to turn the power on.

4- Operate the device for 3~10 minutes, by pressing it gently in contact with the skin. After 10min,

it will stop automatically.

2- Select the Mode you want to use between GYM and SLIM by holding the button.


5- Adjust the intensity by pressing the buttons on the sides.

3- Apply a proper amount of Lebody Fit Cream on the four electrode plates.

6- Use a tissue or a a dry towel to wipe the cream off, after use.


• Operate Lebody on the area you want to manage every day.

• Do not operate it on your face!

At home

At the massage center

At the fitness center

At the slimming center

Wherever you want

At the clinic (after liposuction, RF, etc)