Utmost Anti Aging Care


Micro-current generator


At-home care device that gives vital,

elastic and lifting effects to skin cells using micro current

with only 10 minutes of treatment.



• Compact design for anytime and anywhere.

• 2 different modes with 3 intensity levels for various uses.






Keep your skin

clear and young

Enhance Solution penetration

Improve lifting

and elasticity of skin


The faceballs are the part where micro-current is generated.

They assist in the delivery of active ingredients into the skin and they activate cells to boost collagen rearrangement

and elastin production.

Button composition of


1. Mode and intensity display LED

(I mode: Blue LED / L mode: Red LED)

2. Decrease Intensity button

(mode changes when pressed long)

3. Power button

(Power on / off when the button is pressed for 2 ~ 3 seconds)

4. Intensity Increase button

(mode changes when pressed  long)



Capacity: 150 ml


Main Ingredients: AHA + BHA + PHA

                              Oriental Beauty Fruit Newplex

                              (Patent No. 10-0899502)

                              Pure Medi (Patent No. 10-1363413)



The natural ingredients of the Renewal Face Water Gel restore the moisture balance of tired skin and quickly soothe it. The gel is immediately absorbed by the skin and

this maximizes the effectiveness of LEBODY FACE.

Renewal face water Gel

Renewal Up Cream

Capacity: 80 ml


Main Ingredients: Phyto Oligo (Patent No. 10-00887294)

                             Natural Protector (Patent No. 10-0910747)



This dual functional product gives skin a brightening effect and fills the wrinkles from inside out. Natural Protector, the patented formula that derives from seven different natural ingredients, quickly calms irritated skin. Also, Phyto Oligo, another patented ingredient, smooths the skin texture, giving it an excellent moisturising effect.

Product details

   LEBODY Face          Renewal face water Gel       Renewal Up Cream              Charging cable                  User manual


> How to use

> Specifications

① Wash your face

② Power ON

③ Choose the mode which you want to use

④ Intensity Control

⑤ Use

After cleansing and removing the water, apply Renewal Up Cream on the face evenly.


Press the power button for 2 ~ 3 seconds to turn on the power.


Press the - or + button for 2-3 seconds to select the mode to use.

Press the + or - button briefly to adjust the intensity.


Ion mode (initial setting mode)


Lifting mode


Recommended time for each

mode is 5 minutes



Output part of the micro current completely touches the skin to use. Micro-current generator will turn off automatically after 10 minutes.



Change to the next area every four seconds,

after the beep



Use the device in the direction of the arrow from the point



※ Manage the other side

      in the same way.



Use the device as if you were lifting your face.

Keep perfect contact of the micro-current generating balls and the surface of your skin,

making sure that you do not operate it on any other area.

People with frequent skin problems should wash their face with warm water after the treatment.


Power input





Application Area

3.7VDC, 1200mAh, SVDC, 1.2A

142mm x51mm x41mm


White, Dark Purple

Ion Mode and Lifting Mode with 3 intensity level

Facial skin


Completely charged

Red LED blinks 5 times and then power off


Blue LED Blinking from left to right


Blue LED  Blinking repeatedly


Low battery


※ To charge the device, switch it on and place it on the charging stand.

It can be used for about 5 hours at any intensity after a 2-hour charge.

There may be differences among devices.